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El Squid Roe building cartoon mockup

about el squid roe

El Squid Roe is a 100% Mexican company founded in 1989 under the ideology that in restaurants, “we have no customers; we have guests.” We distinguish ourselves by our efforts to create unforgettable experiences for our guests, making them feel as if they were at home. We are creators of joy, laughter, and positive feelings that translate into unique experiences, achieving harmony that is perceived in every detail.

our story

Like all bad ideas, it came late one night in 1988 when Carlos Anderson ordered one more chalupa, and Billy ordered another round of mezcal. Carlos thought it would be great to recreate an old building from a magical mining town that he had drawn on a bar napkin. Every time Carlos has an idea, he writes it down on what he is closest to, sometimes receipts or even pieces of envelopes. His ideas were always brilliant, so Billy was convinced and left the Carlos O'Brians in Puerto Vallarta, there were no second thoughts, and Billy moved to the desert of Baja California Sur.

In what is now considered downtown Cabo, an old warehouse was rented, and work began on it. This resulted in a run-down-looking structure with rusted, galvanized iron sheets welded to steel beams. To date, experts do not explain how it has endured so many parties and natural disasters, but mostly parties. Inside, the walls are covered with signs with funny phrases, photos of Mexican revolutionaries, and much of what looks like garbage but, we promise, is decorative. Our tables and booths are made of metal so that when MC Pablo asks our guests to dance the macarena, everyone gets on them. And as expected, there is no dress code. In fact, the proper attire is an El Squid Roe t-shirt, shorts, and maybe some of our bbq sauce on your face.

After noticing all the customers roaming outside early morning, asking for a tour of the place, Billy decided to shower early and open the doors from 9 am to serve breakfast. Yes, we have a stove, and our fresh pescado is locally sourced. Open daily for breakfast, lunch, and table-side prepared dinner; try the Pepper Steak!

Over time, some strange characters joined the El Squid Roe team, making the experience even more peculiar today. Although a second floor was built, there was not enough space for guests to dine, dance, and loiter, so a third floor was added. International partygoers adopted it as their place of choice, which gave rise to many memorable nights, attracting visits from Beyonce, Mariah Carey, Floyd Mayweather, Tupac, Dana White, Snoop Dogg, Drake, Rihanna, Oscar de La Hoya, Alex Rodriguez, Tony Romo, Tito Ortiz, 50 Cent and many other celebrities.


More than three decades later, El Squid Roe offers an incomparable, one-of-a-kind, high-energy nightlife experience, not for the faint-hearted… But the best part is our guests! They make the best headliners every night while putting on an unpredictable show. As locals and tourists agree, this place has long been an icon in Cabo.

Women at El Squid Roe in Cabo

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Are you ready to embark on an unforgettable nightlife adventure in the heart of Cabo San Lucas? Look no further than El Squid Roe, where the electric atmosphere and unparalleled entertainment make it a must-visit destination for party enthusiasts around the globe.

Make your reservation and enjoy El Squid Roe at night!


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